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I offer weekly lessons that include many bonus features.  I teach online courses on belting, finding your high voice and pop style classes.  I also have a daily warmup community that you can subscribe to!

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I've been teaching singing for over 20 years and regularly perform in opera and musical theatre.  I specialize in teaching belting, tenors, and switching from baritone to tenor and enjoy most helping my students transform their voices!

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Click on the button below to contact me. If you are interested in lessons, please click the store button above and click on the Lessons tab to download a pdf of information on rates and different ways to learn with me.

"Voice lessons have been life-changing for me as a mature adult. I’ve had to work hard to become good at singing: this has been a rewarding combination of challenge, frustration and joy. Ron has been a phenomenal teacher, inspiration, critic and friend."

Mat R.
Student for over 10 years!

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"Ron Long is a fantastic vocal teacher. His advanced knowledge of vocal pedagogy and physiology allows him to pinpoint and address students' vocal issues. Aside from this, he is also lots of fun and wonderful to work with. The Belting For Sopranos Course he has created is excellent; filled with a variety of techniques, warm-ups, and tricks to help you find your belt! Thank you, Ron!"

Student from recent course

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