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 Have you always wanted to learn how to sing?

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Lessons, Group Classes, Warmups, Community

You can take weekly lessons or group classes or you can join the Daily Warmup Community.  You can learn to sing in almost any style and find confidence in your voice!  Click on lessons below to discover all the ways you can learn with me!

Estill Voice Training

Ron is the first and only Estill Master Trainer in Alberta Canada.  Estill is scientific and anatomy based training system that supports all aesthetic styles of singing.

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"Voice lessons have been life-changing for me as a mature adult. I’ve had to work hard to become good at singing: this has been a rewarding combination of challenge, frustration and joy. Ron has been a phenomenal teacher, inspiration, critic and friend."

Mat R.
Student for over 10 years!

"I'm so glad to have found Ron Long, an outstanding voice teacher who has taken me out of my comfort zone while helping me grow as a classical singer. Always positive, patient, and encouraging with a warm sense of humor, Ron reinforces and celebrates each student's strengths while empowering them to move beyond their limitations. His skills and solid understanding of voice technique is rooted in both art and science across a variety of styles. He never stops seeking out and sharing new information, techniques and approaches which he shares with his students. Ron has created a diverse and supportive online community of singers from around the globe who actively encourage and learn from each other. I'm so glad to have joined the SingingWithRon community and I invite others to come check it out. You won't regret it!"

Tamara G.

"Ron Long is a fantastic vocal teacher. His advanced knowledge of vocal pedagogy and physiology allows him to pinpoint and address students' vocal issues. Aside from this, he is also lots of fun and wonderful to work with. The Belting For Sopranos Course he has created is excellent; filled with a variety of techniques, warm-ups, and tricks to help you find your belt! Thank you, Ron!"

Student from recent course

"I was a relatively new singer when I first took the Estill Course. I began attending Ron's daily warmups while I was taking the course, and I never left! Not only is Ron warm, funny, and very knowledgeable, he has a knack for building a supportive community which has helped me learn more and more. Ron uses the Estill principles in his warmups and gives each of us the chance to ask questions and practice the new techniques we are learning. I can hear my voice improving as I continue day by day. Thanks, Ron! - Ellen L."

"I can credit my nephew's love of theatre and singing as the catalyst to explore the world of Estill voice training and my introduction to Ron Long who was one of the voice coaches leading breakout sessions of the weeklong workshop. Ron is so welcoming, approachable and generous in sharing his knowledge and skills as a Estill vocal coach.  There are Q & A sessions after his almost daily on-line warm up with his student community.  Ron engages his students to listen and learn from each other as much as from him which is an unexpected added benefit!  The coaching, encouragement and feedback often happens outside your scheduled voice lesson not only during the on-line warm up,  but also during the monthly "Pop Check" or Question night and/or the themed Performance night.   The on-line musical community that Ron has gathered is diverse:  young students to the young at heart, from beginner to classically trained voices,  students from across Canada,  the USA,  and some from across the pond (British)  eager to explore new musical styles and keep summary everyone and anyone who loves to sing and perform (even if it is just for yourself) and have some fun along the way. You will learn, laugh and develop your unique sound as a member of this friendly and inclusive community! - Joan L. "

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